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Hi Emile! Wow! Ons is BAIE HAPPY! :o) Dis Brilliant!
Jon Ratcliffe
Google - SA
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This is really flipping awesome!!!! Amazing that you pulled this together so quickly. Really great work. You guys really do rock!!! - Thank you!!!
Aletta Hollier-Roos
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What a Creative & Innovative little Hub!! So fantastic to see how well this group of talented creative's are doing....and such a pleasure to work with!! Keep up the great work guys & gals!
Marius Wannenburg
CEO - The Media Box
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The business of communication begins with understanding the business we're communicating.


What is design and how can design help your business grow?
Design is considered to be a vast medium. Design means “to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan”. For many businesses and brands this “plan” is to acquire and grow a target audience. The simple and most effective way to do this is to get noticed – so the answer is easy… Design is here to get your audience to see your brand and experience you product or service.
The Media Box makes it possible for your business to leave a long lasting corporate foot print. This helps your business to be seen and recognized by your target Audience.
The Media box will guide and advise you every step of the way through.

We Provide These Professional Services

Web Design

Web Design The Media

Print Design

Print Design The Media

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Design The Media

We Offer The Following Print Design Options

Brand Development
A small idea is where it all starts. We can develop your brand into a super nova. The Media Box offers a one stop solution from the conceptual to the exceptional.
Product Development
Product development is a broad field of endeavor dealing with the design, creation, and marketing of new products. Sometimes referred to as new product development(NPD), the discipline is focused on developing systematic methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting a new product to market. Well that’s exactly what we do and we do it very well.
Product Label Design
Your product has to have a presence or an identity. Your brand needs to stand out above the rest. Therefore we provide you with astonishing market leading label design to give your product the attention it needs.
We facilitate and manage the entire process for you. Through years of experience we have most of the cutting edge printer facilities available to us at the best prices.
Outdoor Advertising
There are three main reasons to use Outdoor advertising. It’s a great way to reach people where they live, work and play. It’s unavoidable unlike other media it can’t be switched off. It delivers swift brand awareness in a cost effective way. Outdoor media includes posters, billboards, hoardings, and may more.

Web Design

Websites are your office or showroom to the world, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. They can be your hardest working marketing asset or your laziest. The Media Box has a disciplined approach to professional website design that involves search engine optimization to help increases your web traffic and sales.
Our approach insures two things:
That your brand message is clearly represented in a design that’s sticky and holds your viewers attention.
Your website is optimized for search engines, so it can be easily found by Google, Yahoo and Bing so you score high in organic search results.

The Web Design Process

This first stage of web development creates a ‘look and feel’ design that gets everyone on the same page. We work with your existing marketing materials, if you have them, and bridge the gap between your clients/customers and the message you are trying to broadcast.
Using the agreed upon prototype, we transition your content into the latest web technologies. Your new site will meet the many demands of today’s fast-paced world-wide-web.
For many companies, this is often times the most over-looked step. Each of our websites are thoroughly tested to achieve the latest standards.
After the testing is finished the ‘Go’ button is pressed and your business is launched into the world. A series of tweaks will be made during this stage to ensure that all cylinders are firing properly.
Many times a person is led to believe that a web-site is a once-and-done project. This is not the case. Every competitor of yours is continually trying to improve and so should you. We help optimize your new site and plan the next stages for continued growth.

E-Commerce Solutions

What widget do you want to sell? We’ll help you do it. Using a variety of payment systems, we can custom tailor a solution to match your business needs. From small to large, we can assist you in your eCommerce adventure.

Custom Development

Are you looking to manage information online in a secure environment? Look no further. We offer a whole host of custom development options from project-management systems to file repositories. You dream the dream and we’ll help you bring it to life.

Server Management & Maintenance

Many clients do not have a full-time technology employee. We can fill in this gap. Do you need web server management and/or maintenance? We provide many areas of expertise in this realm.

Online Advertising

Want to connect with the nearly 2 billion people that use the Internet? If you are selling a product or service, you just might. Let us help you connect to them through ad design and ad placement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everybody wants to be number one in Google. With the constant growth of competitors this can be extremely challenging, however we can help you get your site on the right road. From research to keyword adjustments, we work towards the goal of improving your presence.

Web Hosting

Our web-servers are hosted in a facility that is able to handle the most demanding requirements. We are setup to scale your service plan as your site traffic and content grows. Contact us for our very competitive rates.

Our Clients

Our clients include small to large businesses and brands