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Online Advertising


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Hi Emile! Wow! Ons is BAIE HAPPY! :o) Dis Brilliant!
Jon Ratcliffe
Google - SA
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This is really flipping awesome!!!! Amazing that you pulled this together so quickly. Really great work. You guys really do rock!!! - Thank you!!!
Aletta Hollier-Roos
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What a Creative & Innovative little Hub!! So fantastic to see how well this group of talented creative's are doing....and such a pleasure to work with!! Keep up the great work guys & gals!
Marius Wannenburg
CEO - The Media Box
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The business of communication begins with understanding the business we're communicating.


Online advertising is a vastly growing industry that has incredibly profitable benefits.
Why should you do online advertising?
Online advertising is a flexible medium that can be utilised in a variety of ways. The fundamental reason why businesses should advertise online is because of Accessibility. Accessibility meaning you can promote your products and brand in front of millions of people on a budget. The media Box can assist you with promoting your business successfully using Google AdWords and Trueview

Google Adwords & Youtube TrueView...
What's the Difference?

Google Adwords

Google Adwords
Refers to the ads that you see when doing a search on Google. Your position on the search results page is determined by a bidding process and certain mainstream keywords will incur a much higher cost than more specific and targeted keyword combinations.
Negative keywords can also be used to exclude certain keywords that you would not like to pay for. This is a very fluent environment and it is important that your Adwords campaigns are constantly monitored and adjusted.

Youtube TrueView

Youtube Trueview
Trueview is also know as Adwords for Youtube. With TrueView you pay to have your video or Ad shown before a video is watched.
The user will have the option to skip the Ad after 5 seconds but you only pay if the viewer has not skipped but watched through at least 30 seconds of your Ad. (Which is usually the full duration of an Ad.) in a bidding basis you pay to appear in the best position whenever a search is done that includes keywords that you have specified in your campaign.

Google Adwords

We can make sure your target audience finds you! Wouldn’t that be ideal? Everyone searches online these days!
Let us help you to create an attractive ad on Google Adwords and be hand picked by new customers like you used to when the Yellow Pages were still hot – Same principal but better because we can measure your success.
A few good reasons why you should use Google Adwords:
Adwords is measurable.
You stay in control of your budget.
Adwords compliments your other marketing channels.
Your competitors are using Adwords!

Our certified Adwords manager will be in charge of the following

Online Campaign
We set up your campaign from scratch and discuss what you would like to achieve and in which time period. We also assist you in choosing your budget wisely for your campaign to be a success. Our certified Adwords manager will be in charge of the following:
Selecting Keywords
The right keywords are necessary to describe your product or brand so that you will show up in the search results of your potential new clients. We make sure to choose the right keywords for you that will only lead quality traffic to your website.
Targeting Geographically
People are now searching locally more than ever so the keywords and your advert need to be tuned to target local searches. Online advertising can be targeted at geographical location. Is your business based in the north of Johannesburg? No problem – Your ads can be targeted to all online users in the north of Johannesburg.
Adwords Methods
With many options to choose from and steps to follow, we will make sure that we select the right settings for your Adwords account.
Maintenance and Results
We analyse the results for you weekly and place bids for you on the most important keywords that are trending. We will keep you up to date with the measurable results of your campaign.

Youtube TrueView

Trueview Logo
With TrueView, you pick the audience you want your video to reach.
You pay only when those viewers choose to watch your video.
Best of all, you can set the distance to within a specified radius from your location.
Target customers by topic, by keywords, or by demographics like ‘women under 35.
Click here to go to our TrueView website for more information.
Trueview Logo

Getting Started is Easy

We’ll help you determine the right type of ad for your business, as well as the most cost-effective way to build it. We have multiple creative options to suit nearly any budget. You can customize one of our pre-styled ads for your needs, or have us create a Custom series ad from the ground up.

The Media Box Can:

Assist with initial market research to determine your advertising needs.
Will guide you through the conceptualisation and production of your YouTube commercial.
Build the right YouTube campaign that fits your target audience.
Take care of buying YouTube advertising campaigns.
Assist with the development of a website or landing page in order to determine a measurable indication of the numbers of hits on your YouTube advert