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Video Production

What is video production?


Video production is the process of creating video by capturing moving images. The Media Box uses top end high definition production equipment to exceed the current standards in broadcast quality video productions. We have a complete in-house production team which means we maintain full control of the entire production process. In our continuous quest to break new ground, The Media Box produced the induction videos for the Gautrain construction project in High Definition – an industry first at the time.


With the addition of industrial relations this video is currently rated as the most complete induction video ever produced in South Africa to date. Our in-house post-production facilities include the latest in digital equipment that allow us to operate at a virtually uncompressed environment, ensuring the best possible outcome.


We are able to guide you every step of the way, from conception right through to delivering the final production in any required format, including DVD or Blu-Ray, PC formats, Internet Streaming, or any other broadcast format.

TV Commercials

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The Media Box offers a one stop solution for television advertising, from conceptualization, planning, scripting, production through to placing you commercial on television.

Corporate Videos

Our goal is to understand your business – Our focus is to deliver a powerful message to your customers or employees.


We have the experience to uncover your insights and ideas and to project them to the next level. We build long term relationships and commit ourselves to become the company of choice and to lead by example, constantly seeking new and creative ways to realize your unique vision.

Our Most Recent Clients

Our clients include small to large businesses and brands

Three Stages of Production

PRE-PRODUCTION – refers to everything that happens before your video shoot has taken place, and encompasses all of the planning that runs up to the shoot. This usually includes concept development, script writing, scheduling, and location planning.
SITE VISIT – Visiting the site where footage will be shot will allow the director to overcome any logistical problems before the day of the shoot; will the equipment fit? Is any additional lighting required? Do any props need to be brought on the day? Shooting in a public place may also require special permission which needs to be granted in advance.
CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT – The concept is developed around your requirements. No two clients are the same and no two concepts are the same. We develop a unique concept to address your exact requirements.
SCRIPTING – This is the written text of anything that will be spoken in your video; what the presenter will read, what the voice over will say etc. It is essential to make sure that the script is perfect before the shoot; going back and changing it after this isn’t an option (not a cost-friendly one, at least) so make sure that everyone involved has approved it and your video production company has the final version.
PRODUCTION STAGE – the video production team will gather all of the material to be used in the video. In most cases this material will be captured during the video production “shoot”. Other items such as photos, voice-overs and old footage may also play their part in video content, and must also be captured.
THE SHOOT – This is when all of the planning comes together and your footage will be shot. Shoots can often be quite hectic, with cameramen, directors, actors and presenters all trying to do their part. Making sure that the shoot runs smoothly relies on perfect planning and completion of all the stages up to this point.
VOICE-OVER – A voice-over acts as a narration for your footage. There are hundreds of professional voice actors, giving you the choice of someone who will represent your company in the way you want. A voice-over can bring your video together and clearly convey your message.
POST-PRODUCTION – refers to anything that happens after the footage has been shot, including editing, adding voice over and audio, adding any still images or other footage to be included, and adding graphics or on-screen text to the final cut of your video.
EDITING – is the process of cutting up and piecing together all of the footage and audio that has been recorded in a way that gets your message across. Good editing can change an average video to an outstanding one and is just as important as the shoot itself. Editing can also involve adding effects, music or onscreen text.
GRAPHIC DEVELOPMENT – Motion graphics have become a very important tool in communicating your message effectively. Our inhouse graphic artists have many years of experience in developing not only great looking graphics, but they also know how to use this as a great tool to communicate your message.
THE ROUGH CUT – When the post-production stage is coming to an end, your video production company should show you the almost finished product, called the rough cut. This is your final chance to give them your thoughts and to have these implemented, making it one of the most crucial stages of the entire process.
THE FINAL CUT – Once the changes from the final cut have been put in place, your video will be completed and you will be presented with the final cut of your video.

Training and Induction Videos

The Media Box offers various solutions for training and induction video production. Our extensive experience allows us to guide you every step of the way. Various playback solutions include DVD or Blu-Ray, internet, PC/MAC files or broadcast formats.


Speak to us to discuss your individual needs.

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What a Creative & Innovative little Hub!! So fantastic to see how well this group of talented creative's are doing....and such a pleasure to work with!! Keep up the great work guys & gals!


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